Is It Safe To Provide A Phone Number When Registering On Sites

Service owners think that if a user has a smartphone in his pocket and has a SIM card in it, then the attacker will not be able to gain access, and the phone number is absolutely safe.
This is precisely their stupidity, the number is absolutely not safe and it is not advisable to use it as identity confirmation.

Firstly, the availability of a number, this does not mean that it will work forever since the operator has his own policy of providing services.

For example, it may happen that you have not used the number for a long time (let's say a business trip for a month, a year, it doesn’t matter, the idea of ​​taking a SIM card of a local operator where you will be at the time of arrival immediately spins).

And so, the business trip passed, everything is fine, but after arriving home you find that the SIM card does not work, you did not know, but during this time you managed to terminate the contract with the expiration of the deadline, and you will find out only now.

There is no way to restore it, but your number is no longer there, later it will go to another owner, respectively, after changing the number, access to your account is lost (partially or completely).

The operators have a point where, if the subscriber has not used the number 1/3/6 months, the contract with the subscriber is automatically terminated, there was an experience.

At the moment, I change the number every 12 months (sometimes 6), you understand that during this time you can forget that something is tied to this number, and if there are several of them, it’s practically impossible to remember what it refers to. I change the number not because I want to, but because an advertisement appears.

You also noticed when for a month, two, the phone is silent, only friends, acquaintances, relatives, at work call, and suddenly, spam comes from somewhere that providers are not fighting in any way?! This all happens because, we ourselves give our phones allegedly for confirmation, in fact, the services do not need a number for confirmation.

If you are the lucky one who receives advertisements such as “Workshop by Microsoft”, “Second-hand by Kiril”, “Free liver and kidney tests”, “Free diagnostics of your car and oil change”, “A loan worth 15865 rupees was approved. Your login code in the ***** mobile application ”, sorry, google services, Yandex, mail, facebook, Microsoft, and various applications such as wallet, someone sold your number.

By the way, who do you think is more likely to restore your account? It’s not right, not with you, but with someone who has your former number, by the way, by pure chance, the owner may be an attacker or a person who is not clean at hand.

It turns out that, on the one hand, for example, sites such as Google, Yandex, Mail, and the like, cooperate with scammers, on the other hand, if there is additional protection, for example, as a code word, they deceive users in the possibility of restoring an account.

No matter how you try to recover in a simple way, you won’t agree with that support, you just want to restore your account, tech. support supposedly does not believe you and in response asks you to indicate confidential data such as a photo, passport scan, birth certificate, etc. to verify identity.

Remember, never give such data; there may be scammers among them.

Cons of using a phone number:
  • Not safe.
  • Spam
  • Other problems to which you have nothing to do.

Secondly, it is so arranged that the phones got used to us in our lives, are now based on Android OS and iOS. Of these, Android is popular because they are more affordable in terms of price, despite this, iOS also does not stand aside.

For example Android, you can install spyware on it, which is a server that will send all the data to the client program.

There are also such programs that can be managed not as an application server/application client, but as an application server, but management is already taking place through the site by going to a previously created account (registered to configure the server program) through a regular browser - from the site you can get almost all the data and access to the phone.

Such programs allow you to:
  • Read SMS
  • Read contacts
  • Get location
  • Receive network data
  • Access photo / video / documents, etc.

Some programs even allow you to activate the camera, microphone, send messages and make calls.
Some programs do not require root access. Often such programs are not visible on the menu or disguised as a popular application (some of the data is embedded in the application), such an application works as it worked before, but in addition to it, a spy is also executed.

Thank you all for your attention.
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